Our first two Boerboels were obtained by us in 2003. These two Boerboels were Phaedra & Ruger, whom we obtained from John Blackwell from Blackwell's Kennel. Since then, we have produced some very nice litters of pups and some very awesome representations of the breed!

Phaedra & Ruger are now both retired from our breeding program, but their offspring carry on their genes in the future generation to come here at Adara Ridge Boerboels.

All of our Boerboels here at Adara Ridge have AKC-FSS paperwork. The breed will soon be going full AKC, and if you want your Boerboels papers to have a future in the USA, you must insist on receiving AKC papers on your new Boerboel puppy when you get it!

We breed ONLY the natural, widely accepted colors in the breed. That being fawn, red and brindle. We do not breed controversial colored Boerboels such as piebalds, blues, solid blacks or whites, as these dogs tend to possess and produce more health issues as well as purebreed status may also be questionable.


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