DEPOSIT INFORMATION - Adara Ridge South African Boerboels - 269-758-4206
Please print out this page, apply your signature at the bottom, and send it to us when mailing your deposit.

Our pups are priced at $1,200 (twelve hundred) each with full papers. Occassionally we may have a puppy with a conformation fault we sell as a pet with limited papers, sold on a spay/neuter agreement, but the price is the same.

To place a hold on a puppy from one of our litters, we require a $250.00 (two hundred fifty dollar) that is applied totward the total purchase price.

Initial deposits can be sent in the form of a personal check. Should the check not clear, you will immediately lose you place in line for a puppy.
It is recommended that you send your deposit in some manner where you can track it - either through the post office with overnight, 2nd day or 3 day priority mail service with delivery confirmation, or through Fed Ex or UPS. You may also wire transfer the deposit. The sooner we receive your deposit, the sooner the puppy is held permanently in your name.

Deposits sent to hold a puppy are NON-REFUNDABLE... unless we are unable to provide you with a puppy at all. Should a deposit be sent, and we place a puppy on hold for you for at least 3 days, and you decide to back out of the sale for any reason, the deposit would be non-refundable. However, this deposit can be applied toward the purchase of another puppy from another litter should you decide to do so within 12 months of when the deposit was initially received by us.
Should we not be able to hold up our end and have a puppy available for you, we'll either refund your deposit, or give you the option of applying it toward a puppy from another litter.
All pups are required to be paid in full (as well as shipping costs) NO LATER than the litter reaching 7 weeks old. We release our pups typically at 8 weeks, but reserve the right to hold them until 9 weeks of age. This is to give us ample time to prepare for the flight and to purchase a crate (if being shipped), to go to the vet and get a health certificate. This also allows time for finalization of payment and puppy maintenance contracts. Note that shipping costs include airfare, crate, airline insurance, FAA required paperwork and occassionally handling charges. Shipping charges are $350.00 to $375.00 USD all in total, and is dependant on the size/weight of the puppy at time of shipment. Shipping is an additional cost beyond the price of the puppy.

Personal checks WILL NOT be accepted for the final payment on a puppy. All final payments must be made either in person in cash, through wire transfer or through post office issued money orders. Some cashiers checks are accepted if they are from a major USA based bank and we are able to positively verify them. We will not release, ship or send any puppy until all funds have cleared, as well as purchase contract received.
We do not accept any credit cards. This is not something reputable breeders typically accept.

Please make all payments out to:
Mail to:
7608 West Lake Rd.
Bellevue, MI. 49021

Please print out both pages, apply your signature to it, and send it to us when mailing out your deposit.
Also, please fill out all the info below, so when we receive the deposit, we have all your information, as well as your desire for what type of puppy you are wanting, right at our fingertips.

FULL NAME:_______________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS (city, state, zip):____________________________________________________________

HOME/CELL #:_____________________________________________________________________

EMAIL: ____________________________________________________________________________


(cannot be guaranteed and is not a valid reason to back out of puppy sale): BRINDLE - FAWN - RED

By signature, I aknowledge that if I back out of the sale of this pup, and Adara Ridge has held a puppy in my name for 3 days or more, I am not entitled to my deposit back, but can apply it toward another dog if it is purchased within 12 mos from date original deposit check was dated.