Welcome to the puppy 'Nursery Page', where you can find currently available puppies, get updates on
planned and expectant litters from our fine stock of South African Boerboel Mastiffs.

Our puppies are quite reasonably priced for quality Boerboels at $1,200.00 USD (shipping
additional). Price is the same whether male or female.

Certainly, you can find pups of a lesser price out there, but, lesser price can mean you are buying a
substandard puppy, as pups of a significantly lesser price can be a Boerboel mixed breed, it's
upbringing may have lacked quality nutrition or care & substandard vaccines or no vaccines at all
may have been given.

Additionally, lesser priced pups typically do not have AKC or any other legitimate paperwork. Any
paperwork other than AKC, USBA and SABT is NOT legitimate. AKC is the gold standard for
American bred Boerboels. Any owners/breeders of breeds in AKC's system, who are recognized in
any way by AKC, are held to a higher standard of canine husbandry, where the lineage (family tree)
of their dogs is proven, and where DNA profiling is required on any male siring more than 3 litters in
a year or 7 litters in it's lifetime, or if parentage is questioned on any dog in AKC's system. AKC is a
reliable way to ensure you are getting a purebred puppy with a proven, traceable lineage. This is
helpful in determining health, temperament and longevity.

We sell all our pups with AKC paperwork. Be a savvy puppy buyer....insist on nothing less than a
puppy with AKC paperwork.

Please note that if you are looking for a mean junkyard dog, we are NOT the breeder for you. We do
not in any way entertain selling ANY animal to anyone who wants to use any dog they obtain from us
for guarding institutions (with the exception of home/family protection), be they legal or illegal, nor
do we sell to anyone with any immoral intentions such as dog fighting or building a puppymill.

Our pups are sold first & foremost to loving homes as family companions. Our dogs are well bred,
with impeccable temperaments, who meet breed conformation standards, as well as we offer health
guarantees and lifetime support to owners.

We DO NOT breed any controversial colors, such as piebalds, blues, solid whites, solid blacks or any
colors other than the standard and largely accepted fawn, red and brindle.
We adhere to breeding for the most correct Boerboel possible, in body, mind and spirit.
For more information, feel free to call us at 269-758-4206
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